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1. Do I need any technical skills for the workshop?

No, there is no need for any technical skills to attend our workshop, anyone with basic internet and MS Office skills can attend our workshop.

2. What I need to attend the workshop?

All you need a laptop or computer and an internet connection.

3. Can I bring my team members along?

We often provide online workshops/webinars and on-site training, but in case of our offline workshops, you can bring anyone with you who can help you in the implementation whatever you learned during the workshop. We recommend you to attend our workshops with your tech/IT guy.

4. What if I missed or unable to attend the workshop?

You have no need to worry about this. We will share all the workshop details with you and arrange the one-to-one session with our tech expert. If you still face any difficulty, feel free to contact our support team.

5. What if your workshops are not valuable for me?

We're confident about our workshops as well as whatever we deliver during the workshop, but if you find our workshops invaluable for you then you will get your full refund. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

6. Will you provide any workshop material for reference and are the tools provided during the workshops are ready to use?

Yes, we provide the lifetime access of workshop contents to all the participants, as well as our tools are ready to use. You can use our tools on the spot to multiply your and your team productivity.

7. Will you help us with the onboarding G-Suite?

Yes, our experts will help you to set-up G-Suite in your organization.

8. What if I face any difficulty, how will I get support?

In case you face any difficulty, feel free to contact our experts through the support page and our experts will help you to resolve all your queries and doubts through Email, Hangout, Skype, Anydesk, TeamViewer, and Phone or you can call us at +91-7838-343-515.

9. Can we customize the tool as per your requirement?

Yes, you can customize the tool as per your requirement on your own risk as we don't provide support on customization.

10. Can you provide customized solutions and tools as per our requirement?

After charging the customization fee, we provide you the solutions and tools that meet your requirements.

11. How you are different from other trainers in the market?

Our mentor Mr. Sumit Singh has worked in the IT sector in more than 8 years and he shared his experience and wisdom in the workshop. Our workshops is designed while focusing on certain important things like COST, TRAINING, BUSINESS/TECH TOOLS, IMPLEMENTATION, SUPPORT, and BUSINESS CONSULTANCY which is suitable for entrepreneurs/business owners and working professionals. Anyone can take advantage of our workshop.