automated payment reminder

What you get with SYNBUS Automated Payment Reminder

Tracking payment doesn't have to be an easy task and most of the time our accounts team not able to send timely reminders for payments that are due from customers. Once you start using SYNBUS Payment Reminders, you’ll find that it:

  • Takes the work (and pain) out of following up: Instead of calling, texting and emailing customers about unpaid invoices, let an automated payment reminder system send friendly reminders for you.
  • It’s one less thing to think about: You’ve got enough things on your mind that's why our system helps you not to worry about tracking the payment.
  • Lets you spend more time on what matters: Run your business, prepare for that next job or enjoy your nights and weekends.
  • Multiple reminder system: You can send multiple types of reminders like WhatsApp, SMS or Email at once. Otherwise, you can send reminder either through WhatsApp, SMS or Email.
  • And the best thing is, this system is developed on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) so you have no need to worry about data privacy and security.

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